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High-level athlete practicing Muay Thai for 10 years.

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I have been practicing Muay Thai for ten years. I have developed my technical skills and physical condition at Siam No1 Quebec. The coaches and team members have played a crucial role in my development as a Muay Thai athlete. Their unwavering support has allowed me to progress and continually refine my skills. I have had the opportunity to travel to different countries to participate in high-level competitions. Muay Thai holds a central place in my life, and the practice of this sport demands total commitment, both physically and mentally. I train intensively to maintain my level of performance and refine my techniques. The expenses related to training, travel, and competitions are significant. That's why I'm looking for corporate partners like you to accompany me on this journey.

Achievements & Goals

Achievements & Objectives.

Over the years, I have accumulated a record in the discipline. I have won several championships, notably in Mexico and Canada.

I have participated in world-renowned competitions, including two World Championships (IFMA), where I had the opportunity to showcase my skills and proudly represent Canada. My goals are to continue raising my level of performance, winning national and international titles, and being recognized among the best on the world stage.

Mexico - Villahermosa, Tabasco 2015

In 2015, several athletes from Siam No.1 Quebec were invited to participate in this intercontinental championship. It was my very first championship experience. I fought twice in a day and won first place in the 60-kilogram category in Class C.

Mexico - Chihuahua 2017

We were invited a second time to represent Canada in this new intercontinental championship. My second championship, with a beautiful belt to show for it.

Canada - Markham, Toronto 2019

3rd championship, a few years later, a great pride for me to have won the gold medal. The culmination of several years of work, discipline, and sacrifices.

My schedule 2024/2025.

In 2024, I plan to travel to Thailand for an intensive 3 to 4-month training camp. This stay will allow me to immerse myself in the authentic Muay Thai environment, learn advanced techniques, and gain valuable experience by fighting on Thai soil. I want to make the most of this opportunity to improve my skills and compete against high-level opponents.

One of the highlights of my schedule will be my participation in the International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA) World Championship (amateur) in 2024. This prestigious competition brings together the best Muay Thai fighters from around the world. My goal is to do everything possible to reach the podium and proudly represent Canada at this world championship. This will be my last participation as an amateur.

After the world championship, I will focus on my professional fighting career. I plan to compete at the national and international levels to promote my name and gain global recognition. I am ready to take on all challenges that come my way, push my limits by making the necessary sacrifices, work hard to achieve my goals, and showcase my skills on the global Muay Thai stage.

My needs.

EAs a high-level athlete, I have specific needs to achieve my goals. I am looking for corporate partners who can contribute to the realization of my athletic dreams by becoming sponsors. My budget includes expenses related to Muay Thai practice (travel, accommodation, physical therapy). In addition, there is the cost of my shared accommodation. You can support me by funding a portion of my budget presented below.

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My needs
Travel Expenses
Airfare to Thailand $2,000 CAD
Airfare for IFMA in Greece $1,500 - 1,800 CAD
Miscellaneous transportation in Thailand (Taxi, bus & metro) $500 CAD
Accommodations in Thailand
Accommodation, meals, gym (for 3 to 4 months) $5,750 CAD
Participation in IFMA Championship (10 days)
Championship registration, uniforms, accommodations $1,800 CAD
Physical Therapy, Prevention, and Healing (for the year)
Physiotherapy, massage therapy, cryotherapy, and chiropractic care $5,000 CAD
Coaching and mental preparation $1,000 CAD
Total Budget: $17,850 CAD

Why sponsor a Muay Thai athlete?

Contrary to popular belief about combat sports, Muay Thai is not a sport that promotes violence; on the contrary, it embodies strong values such as respect, discipline, teamwork, and self-improvement. As a partner, you will have the opportunity to share these values and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Together, we can inspire others to push themselves, surpass their limits, and embrace a healthy and active way of life.

My Partners for the Year 2023.

Communicating Through Sport.

Sport is a powerful means of communication. By supporting my journey in Muay Thai, you will have the opportunity to effectively communicate with your target audience. Your brand will be associated with moments of exchange, performance, and camaraderie during:

Get ready to be a part of this success story by supporting a Muay Thai athlete from Siam No1 Quebec who will fight with determination and honor your company at every competition and event! Thank you for considering my partnership request and contributing to the fulfillment of my sports dreams.

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